Saturday, 21 March 2015

BUMP!  Such a surprise...we thought this was had been easy for most folks so far...why would it be different for us.....we tracked down the sellers....we, Roberto, Derrick and myself climbed into Roberto's shiny black SUV and he whisked us away to present our offer to the seller.....

The Black Mobile that whisked us around the tiny streets!

They felt the offer was fair...we asked if we could look again the bright sunlight and really walk through...they agreed and the time was set. We all met the next day, and went through the house again...right onto the rooftop to see the was magic! The cantina (basement) was so large and offered so many rooms, including an ancient wine making room, my head was spinning with endless possibilities of what I could transform it into....then the next day Roberto made the call that we would like to move forward...certainly...just one thing...we have decided to increase the price...EXCUSE ME!!??  So it happened...someone got greedy and saw that we loved the house....knew we couldn't possibly let it go...even if the price had increased....well....then we saw what we had never seen...ANGRY see...Roberto takes great pride not only in his historical town, but also in the people...he trusts them and only wants to see what is best for them...but to think that they would lead us one way and then try and make more money from us..NO! He would not hear of such a thing...and neither would we...yes, we were disappointed, but he promised us he would find us another house...better than this house...and since half of our time there was already gone we were all under the we started to look...AGAIN!
Wonderful little garden....
A great rooftop terrace with lush tropical plants. (Roberto not included) 

We saw this wonderful house...but it didn't tick all of our did for Roberto and Gary though...:)


We continued to look...there was one house....a "Very Special" house that Roberto wanted us to see...many had tried to see it, but they were never given the opportunity...even Roberto did not have a key for this house...this "Special" house was owned by the Catholic Church..and while many had tried to see just didn't happen....Roberto made the call....the priest said YES!  Roberto said it checked EVERY BOX!! We wanted "High Ceilings"..Si Si....High Ceilings..."A fireplace"....Si Si ...a fireplace...At least two bedrooms...Si Si..MANY Bedrooms...."A View....a balcony or terrace"...Si  Si...Balcony AND Terrace.....well...hells bells...what are we waiting for...We  booked a time with the Padre for the very next morning...I the meantime we did a walk by...

HOLD SCHMOLY...this looks HUGE!

We could see the house had four levels....most likely two small was directly on the street, it with some work, could be the one!

In front of the house we all meet with the Padre...(he dresses very modern doesn't he!?)

So her is a collection of what we saw when we went in...the house had not been entered for almost 20 years...the first thing we saw was a dead car sprawled across the threshold....some sort of Italian "Good Luck Sign" as my thoughts! is interesting about this house is you expect to go in and see four levels...two or more rooms on each level...but ahhhhhh...looks can be deceiving!

Stairs that you first see when you come in...there is a small vestibule and a wonderful small room that will become a wine cellar...then you go upstairs...
Beautiful, hand carved ornate moulding adorn the doorways in the grand salon
A spacious kitchen...two rooms, high vaulted arched cielings
A spacious bedroom...all with original floor tiles....
The Grand salon...with sealed doors at the end that go to another property.. The room is 10ft wide at one end and 17 at the other end...and over 20 feet long...

A bedroom also on the main level...VERY VERY ROUGH
And finally...the Contessas room...with soaring ceilings and remnants of  fresco's on the ceiling

So heard it correctly...although there are only two windows on the front..there is a landing at the top of the the left is a bedroom...the VERY rough room....straight ahead is a the left is the kitchen...with a window to the street...from the end of the kitchen you go into the Grand Salon...which has double doors onto a small terrace that overlooks a of this room is the Contessa's room....which will become a formal dining room....also off of this room is a smaller bedroom...also with a window to the street...for you cannot judge a book by its cover....for here in Italy rooms can snake in and around other rooms and even other peoples houses.

When you look out the kitchen window to the street..the next window to the left is of friends Frank ad Gigia's house,,,then the next window is one of our bedrooms....all quite confusing

Then we go up a level...

 Stairs to the next level
The third floor...with a toilet conveniently placed in the corner...meh...who needs walls

And also on this level, a bedroom...complete with indoor garden! LOL

So Up another....
 This room on the fourth floor had a washer in the corner as well as a huge fireplace and a cooker
A lavabo in the wall for washing up, with plumbing still instact
A spacious bedroom with a large room at the back of it...complete with car parts and broken furniture
We saw plenty of interesting architectural detail as well
There was even a beehive pizza oven on this floor...

and then just one moor climb...remember that check list...Si Si Terrace!

Attic room on the top floor
Of course...a terrace view....
And a view back over Guardia Sanframondi

So this was it...we had found nothing like what we were looking for...IT WAS blew the needed PILES of work...and was perfect!

Outside the new digs...probably still in shock more than anything..
For we had found our #17....oddly it wasn't a #12 or a #63...and we don't know why...

Often in life we "think" we know what we are looking for...we often structure everything we do around what we :think" we need....what we desire....let your guard down...throw caution to the wind...THAT is when you may stumble across a little piece of magica of your own...we did and we haven't looked back once.....we went from wanting a small 2 bed house with little work required to an eight bedroom Palace that we would convert into a four room "boutique inn" A house with its originals possibly dating back to 1530 AD  A house older than Shakespeare...nt everyone can say that!

OK...we just found a house in Italy...let the games begin...who said this was going to be easy!?

Come along for the ride.....


  1. Thanks Glenn-you have captured the essence of Guardia with these pics and your story.Unless you have been there yourself-it is difficult for people to understand how genuine the people and place are. Also,without Roberto,for many of us,this journey would only have remained a dream.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Liz! It is a huge undertaking for sure, but is absolutely worth every bit. You're correct, without Roberto and his deep knowledge we would possibly not see our dreams coming to fruition...

    2. It is great to read of people buying into the Guardia culture,who actually have an empathy with its people. It is the most beautiful place on gods earth. I hope to return to Guardia this year with my sis,to hook up with our family and also take on a project similar to yourselves. We both have kids with kids lols and will keep the knowledge and culture young. Have a great time ripping and tearing and congratulations. A fellow adopted Guardiese.

  2. Hi Glenn! I just found your blog today and can't stop reading it and looking at all the wonderful pictures of your journey. I was please to read that you are both from Canada! Are there other Canadians who have purchased homes in Guardia? I am a Torontonian who someday (soon?) would also like to find my dream home in Italy. I am considering a few locations but as my budget is limited I think it may be wise for me to add Guardia to my list. It certainly seems like a magical place. In the meantime I look forward to following your journey through your blog and I can't wait for the next installment! Ciao! Karen

  3. Hi Glenn!
    My husband found your blog accidentally, and what a great site! We both enjoyed reading your informative and humorous posts, and looking at pictures of bella Guardia!
    We also have the same Italian dream. We spent 3 weeks in Rome past March to figure out the immigration process, but since we weren't able to gather the pertinent info, we did not accomplish much. I'm sure you've had the same request many times:
    Would you please share more information with us? If more info is available somewhere in your blogs, just direct us to that, please.
    Thank you in advance,
    Ziba and Sean